Senior Trader | Country Head Turkey

The main focuses:
• Opening an office in Turkey, establishing a legal entity, and setting up its operations within the jurisdiction in collaboration with the company's legal department.
• Engaging in the import of agricultural products into Turkey from other regions of the world
• Buy and sell agricultural commodities based on market trends, supply and demand dynamics, and pricing strategies
• Develop and maintain relationships with farmers, suppliers, and buyers
• Monitor market conditions, including weather patterns, government policies, and global economic factors, to anticipate price movements and mitigate risks
• Analyze market data and trends to identify opportunities for profitable trades
• Negotiate contracts and agreements with suppliers and buyers
• Coordinate logistics and transportation for the timely delivery of commodities
• Manage documentation and paperwork related to trades, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulations
• Stay informed about industry developments, emerging technologies, and best practices

• Extensive experience in agrotrading, particularly within the import/export Turkey market (pulses & oilseeds)
• Proven track record of successfully establishing and nurturing partnerships
• Strong understanding of market trends, regulations, and logistics within the agricultural sector
• Excellent communication and negotiation skills
• Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, multicultural environment

• Flexible Work Schedule: enjoy the freedom to manage your work hours
• Training and Development Opportunities: access ongoing or on demand professional development resources to enhance your skills and knowledge
• International Travel Opportunities: explore new cultures during work-related trips to various global locations
• Other benefits to be discussed with successful candidate depending on location, etc.

If you believe you possess the skills and qualifications we're looking for, please reach out to me via LinkedIn or at