Antalya Tusaf 2019

Within the framework of the International Congress and Exhibition organized by the Federation of Turkish Milling Industrialists in cooperation with the International Association of Operating Milling Mills (IAOM), a Seminar was prepared for industrialists in the milling sector. The training was conducted and provided by the program of the seminar: the president of the International Association of Grain and Technological Sciences (ICC) and the professor at the University of Hadgettepe prof. doc Hamit Köksel, professor at Chukurov University prof. doc Sertach Ozer and IAOM guest President of the JAG service company and lecturer at Kansas State University Assoc. doc Jeff Gwirts. In addition, companies that participated in the congress and exhibition, thanks to free tables, were given the opportunity to participate in bilateral meetings to exchange information, experience and knowledge.

At the seminar, teachers and company representatives conducted training on the following topics: wheat grain structure and grinding properties, flour quality and market satisfaction, determining the quality of wheat and flour in the laboratory, storage, wheat cleaning equipment and principles of separation into varieties, crushing system, system sifting and selection of the right sieve, pest control, waste, contamination and mycotoxins, sifting and cleaning systems for semolina, flour additives.