BIOFACH is the world's largest exhibition of organic food and agriculture, which takes place in Nuremberg, Germany. CVO and the founder of the company Akim Talibov and project manager Zhora Mazhinyan attended this conference, where they got acquainted with various businesses of the organic products market from Latin America to Australia.

During the conference they learned that:

1. Organic (eco-friendly) products are distributed all over the world and their production is growing.

2. People can produce absolutely any food product on an organic basis.

3. Despite the global economic crisis the production and consumption of more expensive organic products are not declining.

During the three days of the event a large database of contacts was obtained, trade flows all around the world were determined. It was clearly displayed which countries produce more and which consume more. This helps to understand better in which new trading directions to go in a growing market.

"The conference made a great impression. It brought together people from all the continents of the world. It gave us the opportunity to understand different cultures, their specific type of activity and products," - Zhora shared.