Combining business with pleasure. GPS Pulses Conference in Australia

At the end of May Commercial Director Alexander Lotov and Head of leguminous and oilseeds Digvijay Singh visited Australia. Bringing together key industry players from across the globe, Pulses 23 marked a worldwide gathering for the industry in beautiful Sydney, Australia. A winning combination of keynote speakers, information-packed panels and a host of networking opportunities, GPC’s annual convention upheld its reputation as an unmissable event for the pulses industry.

The participants gathered every day to exchange experience, learn about current changes in the market 8as well as play cricket and communicate in an informal setting.

"We had recently opened an office in Tanzania, that's why we presented products from there among our colleagues and customers," Alexander Lotov comments.

"AGS is constantly expanding, so it was important to see the conditions for opening an office in a new country in the near future. It was also necessary to find reliable suppliers in Australia. And a successful deal with a new seller was made." Digvijay Singh shared.

Using this opportunity the representatives of our company also visited a lot of places of interest of the country and got acquainted with the culture of Australia.