Summit "Protein: yesterday, today, tommorow"

Major part of the Summit's work was dedicated to innovations in the agriculture industry. Furthermore, not only was it about the latest technologies that assist agrarians in receiving products (that fit the modern safety standards) in the most effective ways. Particularly, the usage of modern HR methods in the agricultural industry that give the opportunity to optimize the the work of enterprises in the sector, improve staff qualifications and motivate all employees to work with maximum output were discussed as well.

Members of the Summit highlighted that fully unlocking the exporting potential of the agricultural industry is impossible with the help from the government's side. Partakers of the session were looking for optimal models of such cooperations. Experts also noted that one of the keys to a successful development of the APC today is cooperation. At the center of attention of the session's work were also more trending questions in terms of vector selection for the further development of the industry. For instance, the problems of a sustained growth of agriculture in the conditions of market saturation and minimizing any losses in foodstuff production.