XI International Grain Trade Conference «Global Grain Outlook»

During the International Grain Trade Conference, Arkady Zlochevsky, President of the Russian Grain Union, and Taleh Asabil oglu Gasimov, CEO of Karat Holding, as well as Chairman of the Association of Grain Producers and Grain Processors of the Republic of Azerbaijan, signed a Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation.

The conference was attended by more than 230 representatives from 16 countries, including Russia, Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Belarus, Switzerland, Iran, Denmark, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries.

The conference was sponsored by such companies as "Karat Holding", # nbsp;"Rusagrotrans" and # nbsp;"Intertek".

The official infopartners were presented by the news agencies Agricyus, Miller Magazine, Refinitiv, Interfax Azerbaijan, and Icarus.

The conference continued with a speech by Alexander Korbut, Vice-President of the Russian Grain Union, and then he gave the floor to Deputy Minister of Economy of Azerbaijan Rufat Mammadov, who also welcomed all the participants of the conference and spoke about grain production in Azerbaijan.

A little later, the Chairman and CEO of the Turkish Grain Committee (TMO), Ahmet Guldal, touched upon the grain market in Turkey.

Sergey Kiselev, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of Agroeconomics, Faculty of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, quite accurately clarified the situation regarding trade wars, and also outlined the challenges and risks of food security.

Denis Kazannikov, Head of the project for export Support of the agro-industrial complex (Russian Export Center), spoke in detail about the forecasts of export dynamics in value terms, as well as the scale of export support and many other things that are undoubtedly of interest to representatives of the agro-industrial complex.

After a short break, the second session was followed by such topics as: global changes in the structure of grain production, distribution and consumption, medium-and long-term forecasts and trends in grain production and consumption in sub-regional markets, their implications for the global balance and grain market conditions, the dynamic growth of the legume market and the place of the Black Sea region in its saturation, as well as the trans-Caspian route for the Kazakh agricultural market: current state and prospects.

The session was attended by Thomas Houghton, Editor-in-Chief of AgriCensus, Denis Plenkin, broker from Agropa Trading LP, Dmitry Rylko, General Director of the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies, and representatives of Kazakhstan and Ukraine:Viktor Aslanov, General Director of the news agency "Grain&Oilseeds" and Andrey Druzyaka, Member of the Board of Directors of the State Corporation "GRAIN UA»

The day ended with the third session entitled "Prospects for the development of grain trade".

The speakers included Sharif Nezam-Mafi, President of the IranGrain organization and Chairman of the Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce, Kaveh Zargharan, who is Chairman of the Agricultural Commission of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce and concurrently Secretary General of the Federation of Food Associations of Iran, Yevgeny Shimov, Head of the Agricultural Department from Kotekna Inspection (Vostok), Zhandos Esmagul, Business Development Manager of the Department of Agro-Industrial Complex from the SFS Kazakhstan, Svetlana Bocharnikova, Head of Foreign Economic Activity at Mercury Elchin Atababayev, independent expert of the State Agricultural Production and Processing Enterprise "AzerAgrar".

At the end of the business part of the conference, a session dedicated to GAFTA contracts was held, the speaker of which was Ivan Kasynyuk, partner of AVELLUM. The session was traditionally held in an interactive format.

The XI International Grain Trade Conference "Global Grain Outlook" ended with a Gala dinner with the traditional awarding of sponsors with diplomas from the Russian Grain Union.

The festive program was held under the songs of the participant of the show "The Voice" Ilya Kireev.